Your cordless drill just can't do what our cordless drills can!

You probably spend more time using your cordless drill than any other power tool in your toolbox. For that reason alone, it's important that it be reliable, versatile, lightweight, and offer exceptional battery life. Here at Festool, we care about the details that other manufacturers seem to overlook. So, we're confident that you'll find that our cordless drills are remarkably better than any other cordless drill you've ever used. Back that up by Festool's commitment to manufacturing products of the highest level of quality backed by a comprehensive three-year warranty, and there's little reason not to consider adding a Festool cordless drill to your tool arsenal.

If the result of our work at Festool is not better than everything else on the market, we prefer not to come out with the tool at all.


Cordless Drill Models

The top 10 reasons you're going to want a Festool cordless drill.

We realize your time is valuable, so let us break it down into a top ten list for you. There's a lot we could say about our cordless drills, but here are the things that you probably care about the most. Some features vary by model, see cordless drill model details for specifications and scope of delivery.

Still have doubts? Well, take advantage of our no-hassle, 30-day money back guarantee. Give one try and if you're not blown away, take it back for a full refund less shipping costs, if applicable.

  1. It's practically impossible to kill a Festool cordless drill. Why? Durability comes standard. Festool power tools are torture tested to ensure that they will stand up to the toughest demands that you dish out. Festool also integrates intelligent electronics into nearly all of its power tools that protect against the most common power tool killers: overheating, overloading the tool, and soft-start to minimize motor wear.
  2. Our batteries are guaranteed to last for at least 3 years. Let's face it, burning through batteries every year (or less) can become expensive. Festool guarantees it's Lithium Ion batteries will last a minimum of 3 years.
  3. Longer battery life between charges.Drive more screws per charge! Battery cells are carefully tested and selected to find matched sets to enhance cell balancing, a technique which ensures equal charge and discharge cycles thus prolonging battery life and efficiency.
  4. A Festool cordless drill is more than a simple drill/driver. Festool's FastFix System currently offers five different chucks that are interchangeable: a right angle chuck, an eccentric chuck for corners, a depth stop chuck for precision countersinking, a keyless chuck and the Centrotec chuck. We continue to add new chucks and accessories to complement our cordless drill range and expand its functionality.
  5. Festool Brushless Motor Technology. Brushless motors offer significant advantages over motors with brushes, including higher efficiency and reliability, reduced noise, and longer service life to name a few. This means Festool cordless drills outperform other drills that would otherwise be in the same class.
  6. An electronic clutch mechanism. Rather than incorporating a traditional mechanical clutch which results in premature wear on the motor and transmission of the drill, Festool uses an electronic clutch. That means your Festool cordless drill will last longer and you'll get consistent results every time.
  7. Perfect balance, light weight, great ergonomics. As a professional, you may use your cordless drill for long periods at a time. Festool cordless drills weigh less and are more compact than others on the market, preventing fatigue.
  8. No detail overlooked. Sure, our cordless drills pack more features, technology and ingenuity than any other. But, we don't stop there. Magnetic driver bit stowage, integrated belt clip, battery fuel gauge, and an ultra-bright LED light just add to the functionality.
  9. Designed and built in Germany. With so many manufacturers moving their manufacturing to Asia, Festool continues to take pride in producing power tools that meet very high tolerances. Since we control the manufacturing process, we can ensure the ultimate end product.
  10. Festool's great customer service. Maybe we should have made this number one on our list. In a world where you've become accustomed to companies cutting corners, Festool takes pride in providing its customers with exceptional service. We have a team of great people waiting to help you if you have questions or problems. It's service the way you imagine it should be.

* Some restrictions apply to three year battery warranty, see warranty for complete details. Features and accessories vary by model, see model details for specifications and scope of delivery.

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