Cordless Drill Models

The Drilling & Driving Machines.

Our cordless drills look different, because they are different. Crafted to the highest level of German engineering, Festool cordless drills offer a level of quality not found in other cordless drills. From the EC-TEC brushless motors, to the interchangeable Centrotec and FastFix chucks, these cordless drills were designed to work the way you work.

The most feature-rich cordless drills, Festool raises the bar for what you expect from a cordless drill. Take, for instance, our interchangable FastFix chuck system, which enables you to fluidly switch between one of the six different chucking options in seconds, no tools required. Each chuck offers an elegant solution to the challenges you face on a regular basis. Or, the EC TEC brushless motor technology which supercharges your cordless drill due to its extremely high efficiency versus competitors' DC motor drills. A cordless drill is nothing without its battery. So, Festool utilizes lightweight Lithium Ion battery packs which intelligent electronics to maximize battery life and offers a groundbreaking 3-year warranty on the batteries, charger and drill.

Watch Video of the CXS Cordless Drill

We know that you expect a lot from your drill and that reliability cannot be an option. That's why Festool torture tests all of its power tools, including the cordless drills, to make sure that they can withstand your toughest demands. In fact, we do things to our tools that you'd never imagine doing to your own tools. That means that not only are you getting the most sophisticated, technologically advanced drill on the market, but you're getting one that's going to take the abuse you dish out on a daily basis.

Let's take a more detailed look at what each of the Festool cordless drill models has to offer.

Tons of features in a two-pound package.

Introducing Festool's newest addition, the CXS Compact Drill Driver. Conquer all your day-to-day drilling and driving challenges with comfort. Explore tight spaces, dark spots, and corners with ease. Solve drilling and driving needs easily with a tool that delivers the functionality of three drills in one. Designed to be ultra-compact and engineered for big performance, the CXS is easily the most versatile compact drill/driver available. At less than 2 lbs, the CXS proves that small can be mighty.

CXS Series

CXS Drill

Motor DC
Battery 10.8v, 1.3 Ah
Weight 1.98 lbs
Non-Set 564 261
Set, w/ right angle chuck 564 274

Versatile and Efficient.

With the revolutionary EC-TEC brushless motor, the durable C 15 Li can easily power through over a million screws with minimal wear. The brushless motor is extremely energy efficient, which translates into longer run times and fewer trips to the charger. The compact design can fit into more places without the extra bulk and weight of traditional drill designs. Combined with the Festool FastFix chuck system, the C 15 Li can do the job of five drills. All of this power and capability packs nicely into one slim design. Never before has something so small been able to do so much.


C-Series Drills

Motor EC TEC Brushless
Battery C 15 - 14.4v, 4.2Ah
C 15, Non-Set 564 519
C 15, w/ right angle & eccentric chucks 564 520

Brains and plenty of brawn.

Imagine a drill that does the thinking and beeps when the desired torque setting is reached while driving screws. It also beeps when it is time to charge the battery and when it is overloaded, and automatically senses whether the battery is Nickel or Lithium. Imagine this drill being a multifunction tool that at one minute is running a 1-3/8" auger bit, then chasing a screw around a corner or up against a wall and even to a prescribed depth. Never again lose a favorite clutch setting thanks to the independent switch for drilling and driving modes. All of this and more is built into the new T+3 drills from Festool.


T-Series Drills

Motor EC TEC Brushless
Battery T 15 - 14.4v, 4.2Ah
T 18 - 18.0v, 4.2Ah
T 15, Non-Set 564 385
T 15, w/ right angle & eccentric chucks 564 389
T 18, Non-Set 564 393
T 18, w/ right angle & eccentric chucks 564 397

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