Cordless Drill Battery Technology

Not all batteries are created equal.

Our cordless drills represent the culmination of the best technology available today, with features unique only to Festool. Lithium Ion technology and the use of a brushless motor combine to create a lighter and more powerful cordless drill. Festool cordless drills offer some of the most advanced battery technology available for portable power tools. Battery cells are carefully tested and selected to find matched sets to enhance cell balancing. This technique ensures equal charge and discharge cycles, thus prolonging battery life and efficiency.

Cordless Drill Battery

An unprecedented battery warranty.

All of this technology, coupled with the inherent advantages of Lithium Ion technology, is backed by an unprecedented 3-Year Warranty on the batteries, charger and drill.

Intelligent battery charger.

Our intelligent battery chargers are programmed to optimize the charging process. The charger is able to interface with the battery and adjust charging rates dynamically. The charger uses rapid charge mode until the lithium ion battery reaches 80% capacity then slows down charge rate to protect the cells and prolong the battery life. It actually monitors each cell in the battery for optimum charging and to prolong battery life. The charger also recognizes dangerous conditions, such as cold and heat, and prevents charging in these instances.

Cordless Drill Battery Charger

Battery compatibility.

While some power tool manufacturer are beginning to standardize their batteries, Festool did this long ago. The means that your investment in Festool cordless power tools is protected by cross-tool battery compatibility. With the exception of the battery for the new CXS compact drill, current Festool cordless drill models are compatible with batteries made since 2005.

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