Cordless Drill Brushless Motor Technology

Bringing The Power.

All the versatility of Festool cordless drills is combined with a robust design that features a long-lasting, energy efficient brushless motor, compact transmission, and electronic health monitoring. Brushless motors offer significant advantages over motors with brushes, including higher efficiency and reliability, reduced noise, and longer service life to name a few. This helps our cordless drill outperform other drills that would otherwise be in the same class. Nearly all of Festool's power tools feature intelligent electronic monitoring and feedback which makes the tool smarter. This technology protects the motor from overload, provides an electronic (rather than mechanical) clutch feature, and an intelligent drill mode with an electronic clutch override, as well as other innovative features.

Festool Cordless Drill Screws

Festool is renowned for quality components, fit and finish, and superb engineering which all play an important role in creating a cordless drill platform that offer superior power and performance. Our cordless drills are able to achieve greater torque than competitors at a given rate of power consumption.

Brushless Motors versus Competitors' Brushed Motors.

The list below shows some of the key attributes and advantages of brushless motor technology, which you will find in Festool's T-series and C-Series cordless drills.

  • Brushless motors are typically 80% efficient, Brushed motors are typically 50% efficient.
  • Efficiency equates to more available volts out given the same battery, which means more energy can be utilized when compared to a brushed motor using the same battery.
  • As an example, a 15-volt Festool cordless drill, incorporating brushless motor technology, will offer as much as 39% more power than a competitor's 18-volt brushed motor drill.
  • Brushless motors have fewer wearable parts, resulting in a longer service life.
  • The efficiency of a brushless motor also translates into prolonged battery life.

Superior Performance Through Efficiency.

Festool cordless drills deliver epic amounts of power and torque when compared to competitor's models. For those of you who now own a Festool drill, this will come as no surprise since you have experienced it first hand. One reason that Festool cordless drills can attain performance levels that leave you reeling in astonishment is the use of the brushless motor (standard in C-series and T-series cordless drills).

Festool Cordless Drill Power

60% More Torque at the Bit.

The brushless motor technology employed by Festool has been proven to provide high efficiency and longevity versus the standard DC motors used in nearly all other cordless power tools. Brushless motors are generally 60% more efficient in comparison. This allows Festool cordless drills to make better use of the available energy generated by the battery. For you car fanatics, this is like comparing an engine's horsepower rating to the actual horsepower at the wheels. What really matters is the amount of power and torque generated at the bit. As a comparison, the Festool T 15+3 cordless drill delivers 11.5 volts at the bit while a competitor's 24 volt cordless drill would offer about 12 volts at the bit.

Festool Cordless Drill Efficiency

Brushless motors simply last longer.

The long term advantage comes from the lack of wearable parts in a brushless motor. This means that your Festool cordless drill will not have the same wear and cost of replacement brushes associated with other drills. The advanced technology used in Festool Lithium Ion cordless drills allow us to offer a 3-year warranty on the drill, charger and batteries.

Learn About Durability

* Please note that the CXS-series cordless drills do not utilize brushless motor technology.