Cordless Drill Durability

Practically invincible cordless drills.

With all of the sophisticated technology packed into Festool cordless drills, let's not forget a key criteria for any power tool --- durability! Festool power tools are built to withstand your toughest demands. Don't get the impression that our tools are too delicate for the jobsite. Festool torture tests all of its power tools with some extreme conditions, many that you would never imagine doing to your own tool.

Metal filing torture test

Sure, many power tool manufacturer's may do a standard drop test where the drill is dropped from a distance onto a hard surface. We do that too. But, we also pour metal filings into the drill and run it, dowse it in a muddy water while it's running, and run it in a dust chamber while harsh, abrasive dust is blasted into the tool just to name a few of our other tests.

Warning! Do not try these tests yourself, they were performed in controlled laboratory conditions. Always consult your Festool instruction manual for proper safety precautions.

Dirty water torture test

As you can see, Festool power tools aren't fragile. We realize that you rely on your power tools and can't afford to have a tool fail during a job. Purchase with the confidence of knowing that Festool has already done more extreme things to its power tools than you will ever do.

Arizona dust torture test

Thermal and overload protection.

What's the easiest way to kill a power tool?

Answer: Push it beyond its capabilities resulting in a catastrophic failure. Festool cordless drills have integrated thermal and overload protection to prevent this from happening. These drills are smart enough to prevent themselves from being damaged. The motor and other components of the cordless drill are susceptible to failure if pushed beyond their limits. But, Festool's MMC electronics technology kicks in before those limits are exceeded to prevent damaging effects. The tool will simply shut off temporarily until it returns to temperatures within its parameters.

Watch Video of the CXS Cordless Drill

Unique electronic clutch.

Rather than incorporating a traditional mechanical clutch like our competitors, which results in premature wear on the motor and transmission of the drill, Festool uses an electronic clutch. That means your Festool cordless drill will last longer and you'll get consistent results every time. Not only that, but you can switch between the drilling and driving modes without losing your clutch setting. Just another way that Festool helps you work smarter.

Electronic clutch

All of these features make it pretty hard to kill a Festool. With any other cordless drill, you probably would have cooked the motor and been forced to buy a new one.

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